Are there age restrictions on who can visit the show?

Nicola Harrison

Last Update 4 months ago

Our recommendation is that children who have not yet reached Year 7 (11-12yrs) not attend the show. Babes in arms and pushchairs, prams or any other form of child transport systems are not permitted at the show under any circumstance.

We welcome young visitors above that age but we remind all parents/guardians that MACH is a trade exhibitions and features a wide variety of working industrial machinery (and all the attendant hazards thereof); so children must be supervised at all times

Anyone under the age of 16 who wishes to attend MACH must be accompanied by an adult at all times when they are on the show floor. Parent/guardians who bring children under the age of 16 to the show do so at their own risk.

Student Groups, Parents/Guardians with young visitors and those under the age of 18 should register using the dedicated Student Registration Form.

Without exception, persons under the age of 16 will not be permitted on site during the build-up and breakdown stages of the exhibition.

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